Accademia Liuteria Piemontese "San Filippo"

Via Accademia delle Scienze 11

10123  - Torino 

Founded in 2010 from the cooperation between the master luthier Enzo Cena and the Oratorian Fathers, the Piedmontese Lutherie Center Association is still located today in the Monumental Complex of San Filippo Neri. The initial project, born to create a cultural center, has developed over the years to become the Accademia di Liuteria Piemontese: a highly qualified professional training center both in the construction of bowed string instruments and in historical-scientific research. The creation of the Academy was also possible thanks to the cultural and aggregative mission of the Congregation of the Oratorian Fathers, which for several years has been promoting cultural, artistic and musical events. The Academy’s activities engage teachers, scientists and professionals from different disciplinary fields, who compare and pass on knowledge to bowed string instruments making enthusiasts of all ages. The bond with music, the desire to pass on a passion that has its roots in the tradition of the Piedmonts School are the convictions at the basis of the Academy. The training courses in the construction of bowed string and plucked instruments are structured in order to provide the basic skills to design, build and test the chosen instrument. The assembly phases are then studied, to be put into practice in the workshop, to create an instrument that responds to the canons of classical piedmont lutherie.

Grandi liutai Italiani specializes in the supply of material for the construction of stringed instruments for academies.

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