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    <p>These hand-forged chisels are exceptionally sharp and hold their edge extremely well thanks to a cutting layer made of White Paper Steel. The steel is similar to the traditional Tamahagane steel (Japanese sword steel) and has a very fine-grained structure. After sharpening by hand, the blades are fitted with high-quality handles made of »Kumi«, a hard Japanese wood species traditionally used for chisel handles.</p> <p>Blade length 60 mm</p> <p>Overall length 225 mm</p> <p>Blade thickness 5-7.5 mm</p> <p>Version Single Chisel</p> <p></p> <p></p>
    D-Kumi Nomi, Chisel D-Kumi Nomi Chisels

    D-Kumi Nomi, Chisel