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    <h2 class="MsoNormal"><span>Dye for ebony wood</span></h2> <p>Ebony dye suitable for furniture and musical instruments.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Nero³ <span> </span>Original water-based concentrated extract for Ebony parts.</span></p> <p>This wonderful blend of pigments penetrates the wood quickly and perfectly masks the light grain of every wood already from the first applications. For permanent colouring processes, leaves a natural deep black on all wood parts such as Pegs, Fingerboards, Sadles and Nuts!</p> <p>Application- clean item thoroughly, remove grease and grime including old sealer or polish.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Sponge on light coats. Let dry in between coats until Ebony is totally black.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span>Coverage approx. 180+ applications .<span>  </span>Professional Use.</span></p> <p>Designed by violinmakers with built-in applicator sponge.  50ml bottles</p> <h3>Our evaluation of the Ebony Dye - Nero³ - 50 ml</h3> <p>The Ebony Dye - Nero³ - 50 ml has been carefully evaluated by our team of experts at Grandi Liutai, and it is an excellent product for luthiers and craftsmen looking for a high-quality dye for their furniture and musical instruments. This dye has been specifically designed for ebony, a highly prized wood commonly used in the construction of musical instruments, luxury furniture, and other high-quality objects. We are happy to confirm that it is a product of the highest quality that guarantees a professional and long-lasting result. The Ebony Dye - Nero³ - 50 ml is easy to use and apply, and it perfectly meets the needs of the most demanding luthiers and craftsmen. Its water-based formula is safe and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and risk-free work experience. Additionally, this dye has an excellent ability to penetrate the wood surface, allowing for an intense and uniform color without leaving streaks or stains. We particularly appreciated the versatility of this dye, which can be used to tint and darken ebony, giving furniture and musical instruments an elegant and refined finish. The Ebony Dye - Nero³ - 50 ml also has excellent resistance to wear and water, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish. In summary, the Ebony Dye - Nero³ - 50 ml is a high-quality product that we highly recommend to luthiers, craftsmen, and anyone looking for a professional dye for their furniture and musical instruments. Its safe and easy-to-use formula, as well as its ability to penetrate deep into the wood and ensure a uniform and long-lasting color, make it the ideal choice for achieving a high-quality finish on precious materials like ebony.</p>
    Dye for ebony wood - Nero³ - 50 ml Grandi Liutai Italiani Ebony Stain

    Dye for ebony wood - Nero³ - 50 ml