Supplies of Tonewood and Violinmaking Tools for Schools and Students

Violin Making schools are a unique place in the life path of every luthier: each one is very different since each one has a different approach to the world of the construction of musical instruments. The teachers pass on their experience acquired in the field and their construction or restoration techniques involve the use of specific equipment and materials. The Company Grandi Liutai Italiani has always been a point of reference for schools in the supply of tone-wood, tools and special equipment and many products branded “Grandi Liutai Italiani” have been created in collaboration with schools.

Agreement for the supply of Violinmaking Schools: all the raw materials and equipment for their workshops

To better follow the school lessons, it is essential that each student has access to all materials and tools for training. Forms and models, gouges, chisels, squares, dividers, sharpening stones, all the high-quality material must be available to each student for their training, so that they can learn quickly and have fun. Therefore, Grandi Liutai Italiani has thought of an agreement for lutherie schools with particularly advantageous conditions for the purchase of workshop’ materials and equipment.

Agreement for the supply of training material for teachers and students

Each school can extend the advantages of the agreement with all teachers and students so that they too can buy freely and at very advantageous prices! Participation to the Agreement is free and lasts for one calendar year. If you teach or study in a violin making school, contact us to join the agreement at [email protected] !