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  • KUNZ Block Plane - 12.220 KUNZ Planes
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    KUNZ Block Plane - 12.220 KUNZ Planes KUNZ Block Plane - 12.220
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  • Carbon Cello Endpin with Nylon Knob and Golden Skew GL Endpins
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    Carbon Cello Endpin with Nylon Knob and Golden Skew GL Endpins Carbon Cello Endpin...
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  • Leather Tools Roll Grandi Liutai Italiani Chisels
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    <p>MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: The Tool Roll is handcrafted using highest quality Suede Leather. The Suede Leather is super soft to the touch, durable and attractive. It’s the best way to store your fine tools with due care and respect.</p> <p>LARGE CAPACITY TOOL ROLL: With 16 tool slots, you can put a variety of small to medium-sized hand tools such as chisels, files, rasps, scrapers, knives, gouges, and more, the best home for your favourite tools. The longest tool that fits measures 26cm.</p> <p>COMPACT AND EASY TO CARRY - Measures 52cm X 27,5cm when unrolled. Rolls up to a compact size for easy carrying. Perfect kit for a violinmaker or a wood carver to store his precious chisels or serve as a tool kit for other profession such as contractor, HVAC repairman, plumber, framer, electrician, or cable &amp; audio visual installer.</p> <p>COMPACT &amp; LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight Suede Leather Tool Roll is perfect for conveniently packing away in your bag for when you’re on the go. Offering style and protection, the Tool Roll folds up neatly and securely so you don’t have to worry.</p> <p>SIMPLE AND FUNCTIONAL DESIGN, MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This makes an excellent gift for your friend, loved ones and family. Makes a great gift for anyone and everyone, from those who enjoy a bit of DIY around the house, to the professional craftsmen and women. This Tool Roll also serves for other trades, it’s great for chefs, excellent for storing your tools on the go or travelling, perfect for your wrenches and tools for your motorbike or car, you name it.</p>
    Leather Tools Roll Grandi Liutai Italiani Chisels Leather Tools Roll
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  • KUNZ no. 51A Spokeshave - Flat Blade KUNZ Planes
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    KUNZ no. 51A Spokeshave - Flat Blade KUNZ Planes KUNZ no. 51A...
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  • KUNZ No. 100 Pocket Plane KUNZ Planes
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    KUNZ No. 100 Pocket Plane KUNZ Planes KUNZ No. 100 Pocket Plane
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  • Leather Strop Grandi Liutai Italiani Sharpening
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    Leather Strop Grandi Liutai Italiani Sharpening Leather Strop
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  • KUNZ no. 100 Plane Replacement HSS Blade KUNZ Planes
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    KUNZ no. 100 Plane Replacement HSS Blade KUNZ Planes KUNZ no. 100 Plane...
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  • KUNZ no. 100 Plane Replacement Blade KUNZ Home
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    KUNZ no. 100 Plane Replacement Blade KUNZ Home KUNZ no. 100 Plane...
    Price €4.73 -21% Regular price €5.98
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Building a violin is giving voice to a wood. Using the best resonance wood is a good starting point, but to get a perfect result it is to have the equipment most used by Italian and international luthiers. Working in the laboratory with the right tools allows you to express the talent of each craftsman at every stage of the construction of the violin. We at Grandi Liutai Italiani know how important the value of manual work is and we have selected for you only the best products for luthiers, almost all made in Italy by combining the best materials, with the knowledge of how you will use them in the laboratory. They are quality products that we can boast in our online sale of lutherie products, and that you can never miss in your laboratory again. Working with these products improves the work experience and the difference with non-specialized woods and tools is evident in the final result.

Everything for lutherie: materials, accessories and tools

Thanks to our passion for this project, you will be able to buy special products for luthiers and more, you will also find a myriad of products for painting from us, you can select the products of important brands such as: Lie Nielsen, Veritas, Tormek, Hammerl, Titebond , Herdim, Narex. Italian excellences such as Corradi IRIDIUM, Metrica, SIA Biffignandi or Borciani & Bonazzi famous in the world of fine arts and indispensable in violin making, and all the products of the Great Italian Luthiers such as NERO3 useful for dyeing the ebony fingerboard, the STABLE line of counterforms for Violin, Viola and Violoncello the internal shapes and models created in collaboration with Academia Cremonensis, the school of violin making in Cremona, among the most popular is the shape kit for violin. All this, together with the other 1,000 lutherie products selected by us, you can receive them directly to your home! It is not always easy to find such perfect lutherie products in one place, but with our wide selection you will be spoiled for choice.

Read Our Story

All the FAQs for the online shop of luthiers for luthiers and do-it-yourself

Have you thought of opening a professional violin making workshop? … Or more simply do you have a corner of the house where you would like to learn how to build your first violin? To spend little on supplies for luthiers and optimize space, it is essential to avoid buying products for do-it-yourself or gardening, thinking that they can also be used in lutherie. Many inexperienced luthiers make this mistake and then end up throwing everything out and buying the professional items in their online luthier shop.

Lutherie is a world where craftsmanship meets music. The luthier has been for centuries the craftsman who designs and builds, repairs stringed instruments, such as the violin ... and plucked instruments such as guitars or lutes (from which this profession took its name).

A luthier is the environment where the luthier creates his own instruments. There are about 180 lutherie shops of which many are located in shops in the center with the showcase in which you can glimpse the master engaged in his work to carve wood for lutherie, but there are also many luthiers in private studios with many rooms to allow the musicians to play instruments to buy.

The luthier builds and repairs instruments using wood and lutherie equipment that are very similar to those used by his predecessors such as Andrea Amati, Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù and many others ...

In the past the luthier was a craftsman who had a good knowledge of wood for lutherie and a passion for music. Very often he lived in areas where there were many musicians and his work was very influenced by the context in which he operated. The modern luthier, on the other hand, must equip himself with the best lutherie equipment to meet the demand of many musicians around the world, so he is more free to design, experiment and propose lutherie instruments that reflect his own personality.

Many tools for lutherie are quite similar to those that can be found in a common hardware store, however the wood for lutherie has particular characteristics for which it is very important to be addressed by a luthier. When we have to insert a new product in the catalog we have it tested by professional luthiers who use different approaches to work in order to identify any defects and problems before going to propose it to customers.

Making tools for violin making in Italy has two main advantages: taking advantage of the ability of extraordinary designers and engineers with whom it is very easy to collaborate and use production plants of important Italian excellence, such as automotive, jewelry, metallurgy and turning.