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    <p>Solid sharpening stone holder, of hard rubber with tempered glass core for secure positioning. Fits Shapton sharpening stones.</p> <p>Dimensions 258 x 85 x 55 mm</p> <p></p>
    Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder Shapton Sharpening

    Shapton Professional Sharpening Stone Holder

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    <p>The large glass support is warp-free and is framed by a high-quality, soft plastic edge, that preserves sharp tool and knife blades as well as the edges of sharpening stones when touching them. Both materials are also easy to clean.</p> <p>Dimensions 390 x 320 x 52 mm</p> <p></p>
    Shapton Sharpening Base Shapton Sharpening

    Shapton Sharpening Base

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    <p>This sharpening stone is thicker than the standard version with a longer service life. Comes with plastic case.</p> <p>Glass Stones by Shapton</p> <p>The premium range from Japanese company Shapton is the ""Glass Stone"" series. The sharpening particles are highly pure and homogeneous. This is noticeable when changing to finer grits: the traces from the previous grit are quickly ground out. A special bond allows quick sharpening on a flat surface. The sharpening stone has a base of tempered glass and is thus 100 % warp-free. Conventional sharpening stones may warp microscopically by absorbing water, but Shapton stones solve this problem with their extremely flat base of tempered glass.</p> <p>Another advantage of the glass base is that the grit rating on the underside is always visible even after much use. Before use, spray the stones with water. It is not recommended to keep them in water permanently. White aluminium oxideabrasive.</p> <p> </p> <p>Grit 500</p> <p>Dimensions 210 x 70 x 15 mm</p> <p>Abrasive thickness 10 mm</p> <p></p>
    Shapton Glass Stone HR, Thick Version, Hard Bond, Grit 500 Shapton Sharpening

    Shapton Glass Stone HR, Thick Version, Hard Bond, Grit 500