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    <p>Medium-grit lime sandstone from the Kumamoto region for general sharpening. Readily absorbs water, cuts well and easily produces a fine slurry.</p> <p>Japanese Natural Stones</p> <p>""A blade and sharpening stone must be as perfect a match as bride and groom"" according to legendary blacksmith, Shigeoshi Iwasaki. Finding the ideal pairing is no easy task in either case. Despite the excellent performance of synthetic stones, many experienced sharpeners still prefer natural stones for sharpening their finest blades. Japanese sharpening stones are particularly renowned for their effect to harmoniously sharpen hand-forged carbon steels. They can bring a blade’s full potential to the fore and allow the sharpening process itself to become a pleasant ritual. The finest stones from the Honyama quarries are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire - we take great pleasure in still being able to offer these rare treasures. Natural Japanese stones may only be used with water and must be kept protected from frost. Please note that the stones may have slight natural imperfections and may vary somewhat in size.</p> <p> </p> <p>Grit 800-1200</p> <p>Dimensions 220 x 60 x 62 mm</p> <p></p>
    Japanese Natural Stone "Binsui" Binsui Sharpening

    Japanese Natural Stone "Binsui"