Manufacturers of items for luthiers made in Italy

Thank you for visiting us, thank you for choosing us.

I'm Cristian Amighetti, Store Manager of our point of sale, I have two great passions: A.C. Milan Football club and Padel. I was born in Cremona and I have many luthier friends and for over 15 years I have dedicated myself to researching the best products for violinmaking that can improve and simplify their work.

high-quality wood, accessories and tools at affordable prices

In Grandi Liutai Italiani there are no business consultants, everything is managed directly by me and 2 of my long-time friends. From the shop of Cremona, we also follow the website and in our warehouse which is 10 minutes from the centre we produce all the items with branded Grandi Liutai Italiani. Our business idea is to offer the widest range of beautiful, functional and high-quality wood, accessories and tools at affordable prices. All this with seriousness, technical competence and kindness.

My collaborators are not only salesmen, in most cases they are also luthiers! was founded in 2002 and since then more than 27,000 customers have registered in our newsletters and more than 5,000 turns to our portal to purchase materials, accessories and tools.

We are waiting for you in our Cremona Store and, why not, for a visit to our beautiful city.

Yours sincerely, Cristian Amighetti