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    <h2>Titebond® glues for restoration and musical instrument making</h2> <p>Liquid hide glue for high strength, hard bonds. No creep, excellent sandability and can be overpainted. Its sensitivity to moisture allows for easy disassembly of parts, making this glue particularly well suited for restorations and musical instrument making. Long setting time, assembly time after glue application approx. 10 minutes. The dried glue joint is transparent.</p> <p>Technical Notes: Glutine glue with additives. Not for exterior use or use on objects which come in contact with food. Application and storage temperature 10-30°C. Clamping time 30-60 minutes. Attains maximum hardness after 24 hours. Can be thinned with water. Storage life 12 months.</p> <p>The first choice when bond strength counts: Titebond® glues For extremely solid glue joints in woodworking applications, restoration and musical instrument making. For more than 65 years, Titebond has been the market leader in bonding wood and wood products in the United States.</p> <h3>Titebond glues for wood restoration</h3> <p>You may also be interested in purchasing <a href=""><strong>original titebond glue</strong></a>.</p>
    TITEBOND Hide Glue - 118 g Titebond Glues

    TITEBOND Hide Glue - 118 g

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    <h2>Professional glue for wood and other materials</h2><p><strong>Titebond Original Wood Glue</strong> is a<strong> aliphatic resin-based wood glue</strong>, characterized by a strong initial adhesion and a very fast setting time with the result of gluing on wood by far stronger than the wood itself.</p><p>Glue for luthiers and carpenters.</p><p>For the Safety Data Sheets, contact us at the email address: [email protected]</p><h3>Glue for chipboard, plywood, leather, fabrics in general</h3><p></p><h3>Our evaluation of the use of TITEBOND Original Wood Glue - 226 g</h3><p><strong>Gradi Liutai</strong> has evaluated the use of <strong>TITEBOND Original Wood Glue</strong> and found it to be very positive in the field of woodworking and restoration of antique wooden artifacts. We tested this product on a wide range of materials, including solid wood, plywood, MDF, and particleboard, and found its adhesion to be extremely strong and stable over time. We found that TITEBOND Original Wood Glue is able to create a strong bond between different surfaces, ensuring greater stability of wooden joints. Gradi Liutai found that TITEBOND Original Wood Glue is very easy to use and adaptable to a wide range of applications, thanks to its fluid consistency. We found it easy to manipulate and therefore ideal for woodworking, both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Another evaluation of the use of TITEBOND Original Wood Glue is its excellent water resistance, making it ideal for gluing wooden objects intended for outdoor use or contact with water. We also noted that TITEBOND Original Wood Glue has low emissions of harmful substances, making it an environmentally friendly choice for restoring antique rtifacts. Another evaluation of our use of TITEBOND Original Wood Glue concerns the competence and attention required in preparation and application, as temperature and humidity can affect its adhesion and drying time. In summary, our evaluation of <strong>TITEBOND Original Wood Glue - 226 g is excellent</strong>! Gradi Liutai has found a high-quality product that offers numerous advantages for woodworking and restoration of antique wooden artifacts. The product has strong adhesion, water resistance, low emissions of harmful substances, and ease of manipulation, making it an ideal choice for restoring wooden objects. When used correctly, TITEBOND Original Wood Glue can ensure the stability and durability of wooden objects, keeping them in their original state for many years to come.</p>
    TITEBOND Original Wood Glue - 237ml (8 oz) Titebond Glues

    TITEBOND Original Wood Glue - 237ml (8 oz)