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    <p>Traditional Japanese honing stone manufactured in a small batch series. It hardly clogs, features a noticeable abrasive action and yet a high polishing effect. Because of its hard bond, the stone does not wear quickly. Thanks to its large surface, it is also suitable for wide plane blades and large knives. Suited for low-alloy carbon steels but also for high-alloy tool steels. Before use, soak the stone in water for approx. 10 minutes. It can also be stored in water permanently.</p> <p>Grit 8000</p> <p>Dimensions 205 x 73 x 24 mm</p> <p></p>
    Awasedo Honing Stone, Grit 8000 Awasedo Sharpening

    Awasedo Honing Stone, Grit 8000