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    <p>Designed by Klaus Bender, a devoted cellist and engineer, the KLAUS BENDER endpin represents a revolution in both material composition and form. Every single one is meticulously produced in Germany, ensuring unparalleled quality.</p> <p>In terms of its functionality, the Klaus Bender violin and viola endpin transcends the ordinary. Instead of a simple push fit, it elegantly screws into the instrument's bottom block. The refined thread design on the cone dramatically increases the contact area when compared to traditional smooth cones. This tight screw-in method facilitates flawless sound transmission between the tailpiece, instrument, and the endpin, resulting in an undeniable enhancement of sound quality.</p> <p>Innovatively, the material of choice for the BENDER violin and viola endpin is aluminum. These endpins boast greater mass compared to their wooden or plastic counterparts, a feature extensively tested and proven to elevate the instrument's sound.</p> <p>Additionally, aluminum is impervious to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, ensuring that the Klaus Bender endpin remains securely in place. This advantage is particularly beneficial for musicians who frequently find themselves on the move.</p> <p>With a cone diameter of <strong>9.5mm</strong>, the KLAUS BENDER endpin offers a groundbreaking approach to instrument support and sound enrichment.</p>
    KLAUS BENDER Violin/Viola End-button Bender Endpins

    KLAUS BENDER Violin/Viola End-button


    KLAUS BENDER: Aluminum accessories for exceptional sound

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    <p>Brass solid with stainless steel tip, length: 60 cm, ø 10 mm, weight: approx. 390g</p>
    Klaus BENDER Endpin for Cello 10mm brass solid 600mm Bender Endpins

    Klaus BENDER Endpin for Cello 10mm brass solid 600mm

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    <p>An end button for cello, to bring out all the sound that's in the instrument</p> <p>The Klaus Bender button is precision milled from solid aluminum. It has a fine thread machined on the tapered end. Clamping is done by means of a large fluted collet nut. The endpin is being held firmly and evenly along its entire diameter.</p> <p></p> <p>The Bender button is not just push-fitted, but also screwed into the cello. Thus the contact between the instrument and the endpin is particularly tight and even. The fine thread on the cone almost doubles the contact area, compared to regular buttons with flat cone surface.</p> <p></p> <p>Bender end button for cello endpin ø 10 mm</p> <p>• end button cone ø 23,5 mm, weight appr. 90 g</p> <p>• end button cone ø 25 mm, weight appr. 90 g</p> <p>• end button cone ø 26,5 mm, weight appr. 90 g</p> <p>• end button cone ø 28 mm, weight appr. 90 g</p> <p></p> <p>Contents:</p> <p>1 aluminium end button for cello</p> <p>Maintenance instructions with silicone grease</p>
    Klaus BENDER end button for cello endpin Bender Tools for Set-Up

    Klaus BENDER end button for cello endpin

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    <p>BENDER brass collet nut</p> <p>With its higher mass compared to the regular aluminium clamping nut, the Bender brass nut can improve the sound of the cello. The added mass interacts with the vibration of the strings, which are connected to the end button via the tail piece and the tail gut.</p> <p></p> <p>When the endpin can be removed from the cello, the Bender aluminium nut can be easily unscrewed and replaced by the brass nut. If the endpin is blocked at the rear end, please refer to your violin maker.</p> <p>Content:</p> <p>1 Bender brass collet nut for Ø 10 mm endpin</p> <p>plastic clamping insert</p> <p>weight: 85 g</p>
    Klaus BENDER collet nut for end button Bender Fitting Sets

    Klaus BENDER collet nut for end button

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    <p>An endpin that improves the sound</p> <p>The BENDER carbon fiber endpin is extremely lightweight. The carbon tube endpin by itself weighs only 60 grams. Combined with the precision made button, it allows for a particularly balanced and harmonic, but at the same time open and well focused sound.</p> <p>The button, as designed by cellist Klaus Bender, is a unique piece of mechanic engineering. It is made of aluminum, and it’s screwed into the cello instead of just push fitted. Thus the contact between cello and endpin is much tighter than with regular wooden or plastic endpieces.</p> <p>The endpin is clamped with a fluted collet nut, which makes for comfortable loosening and tightening.</p> <p>The KLAUS BENDER endpin with carbon tube offers a rich, warm sound with beautiful overtones.</p> <p></p> <p>Contents</p> <p>1 carbon endpin for cello</p> <p>1 aluminium end button</p> <p>weight: appr. 150 g (endpin and button)</p> <h3>Our evaluation of the Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike</h3> <p>The Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike has been carefully evaluated by our team of experts at Grandi Liutai and represents an excellent solution for cellists seeking a high-quality spike for their instrument. This spike has been specifically designed to provide optimal stability and ergonomics during cello playability, and we are pleased to confirm that it is a product of the highest quality. The Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike is crafted from lightweight and durable materials, ensuring exceptional longevity and precision in performance. The carbon fiber shaft imparts remarkable rigidity and lightness to the spike, allowing for increased responsiveness and better transmission of bow vibrations to the instrument's body. We particularly appreciate the adjustability offered by this spike. The carbon fiber shaft allows for precise and easy adjustment of the angle and height of the spike, enabling cellists to find the most comfortable and appropriate position for their playing style. This feature is especially useful for accommodating individual preferences and technical requirements of each musician. Furthermore, the Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike provides a secure and comfortable grip thanks to its ergonomic design. The adjustment knob is easy to handle and offers precise control over the settings. Additionally, the combination of carbon fiber and other high-quality materials imparts a sense of solidity and stability during performance. In summary, the Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike is an excellent choice for cellists looking to enhance the stability, playability, and ergonomics of their instrument. Its carbon fiber construction, adjustability, and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for achieving optimal performance and comfortable playability. We highly recommend the Carbon Fiber Cello Bender Spike to cellists of all experience levels seeking a high-quality spike for their instrument.</p>
    Klaus BENDER Carbon Endpin for Cello Bender Fitting Sets

    Klaus BENDER Carbon Endpin for Cello