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    <p>Experience precision and versatility with the Moore &amp; Wright DPC Series Digital Caliper. The caliper features a durable polycarbonate frame and provides accurate 4-way measurements in both millimeters and inches, allowing you to choose between absolute and incremental measurement modes. With an impressive accuracy of ± 0.2mm/0.008in, this caliper ensures reliable and consistent results.</p> <p>The caliper can be easily zeroed at any point on the scale, offering flexibility in your measurements. The 0-150mm (0-6in) range, along with a resolution of 0.01mm (0.005in), caters to a variety of precision tasks. The 40mm jaws further enhance its functionality.</p> <p>For added convenience, the digital caliper comes with a vinyl pouch for safe storage. Please note that the caliper is supplied without a battery (CR2032).</p> <p>Embrace accuracy and efficiency in your measurements with the Moore &amp; Wright Digital Caliper – a reliable tool for a wide range of applications.</p>
    Polycarbonate Digital Caliper 150mm/6'' MOORE&WRIGHT Calipers

    Polycarbonate Digital Caliper 150mm/6''

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    MOORE & WRIGHT Spring Dividers MOORE&WRIGHT Measurement

    MOORE & WRIGHT Spring Dividers

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    <p>Bellissimi compassi inglesi.</p> <p>Tutti i modelli hanno l'apertura a vite regolabile ad azione rapida e punte indurite</p>

    MOORE & WRIGHT Spring Dividers BLACK


    Moore & Wright Compassi Con Vite.

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    MOORE & WRIGHT Square MOORE&WRIGHT Measurement

    MOORE & WRIGHT Square

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    <p>The Moore and Wright Rigid Ruler stands out as a top-tier engineers' rule, showcasing superior quality and precision. Engineered to meet the highest standards, this ruler is correctly tempered and adheres to the standard at 20 degrees Celsius. The anti-glare finish enhances visibility and reduces eye strain, ensuring accurate measurements in various working conditions.</p> <p>One notable feature of this ruler is its permanent etched markings, a testament to its durability and longevity. The markings are meticulously crafted, allowing for clear and precise readings during engineering tasks. The ruler boasts dual functionality with Imperial measurements on one side and Metric measurements on the other, offering versatility to accommodate different measurement systems.</p> <p>On the Metric side, the ruler showcases measurements in millimeters and 0.5mm increments, catering to those who prefer or require the metric system. This dual-sided design ensures flexibility and convenience, making the Moore and Wright ruler an indispensable tool for engineers and professionals working in diverse fields.</p> <p>The ruler's practicality extends to its D-end design, which includes a hanging hole. This feature adds a level of convenience, allowing users to easily store the ruler on hooks or pegs in their workspace. Whether you're tackling engineering projects, precision craftsmanship, or general measurements, the Moore and Wright Rigid Ruler embodies excellence, accuracy, and durability.</p>
    MOORE & WRIGHT Steel Engineers' Rulers MOORE&WRIGHT Measurement

    MOORE & WRIGHT Steel Engineers' Rulers


    Dual measurements, durable, precise engineering tool.