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    <p>Experience the superior craftsmanship of "Crafted in Germany" excellence designed for the refinement, abrasion, and purification of a diverse range of materials, including timber, alloy, glass, and rock.</p> <p>Rakso steel wool is celebrated for its elevated tensile potency and unparalleled flexibility. Employ Rakso stainless steel wool when faced with moist surfaces or when collaborating with solvents. This variant proves optimal for the cleansing, grinding, and burnishing processes when paired with chemical enhancements, especially on surfaces within damp environs.</p> <p>Unlike conventional steel wool, which poses the drawback of potential staining on wooden surfaces rich in tannic acid, such as oak, mahogany, or walnut, the application of stainless steel wool averts this risk of discoloration.</p>
    Rakso stainless steel wool 150 g extra fine Rakso Abrasives

    Rakso stainless steel wool 150 g extra fine