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    <p>Combination sharpening stone with two different grits.</p> <p>Missarka Sharpening Stones</p> <p>The Missarka sharpening stone is made of white aluminium oxide* in a vitrified bond created by a sintering process. Thanks to its hard bond, the stone stays flat for longer time. It is ideal for high-alloy tool steels. The tool steels made of alloy components with a coarse grain structure (e.g. chromium and vanadium) require a stone that does not wear quickly. It is possible to hone with both water and oil (but after use with oil you can no longer use it with water). The stone can be permanently kept in water.</p> <p>* Abrasive used for 150 grit = green silicon carbide</p> <p>Dimensions 200 x 60 x 25 mm</p> <p></p>
    Missarka Combination Stone Missarka Sharpening

    Missarka Combination Stone