DICTUM Jute Tool Roll for Japanese Saws, Size 3 Dictum Saws & Accessories
  • DICTUM Jute Tool Roll for Japanese Saws, Size 3 Dictum Saws & Accessories

DICTUM Jute Tool Roll for Japanese Saws, Size 3

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<p>Four compartments, natural colour.</p> <p>Model Size 3</p> <p>Blade width max. 120 mm</p> <p>Outer dimensions 740 x 740 mm</p> <p></p>
DICTUM Jute Tool Roll for Japanese Saws, Size 3 Dictum Saws & Accessories

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Four compartments, natural colour.

Model Size 3

Blade width max. 120 mm

Outer dimensions 740 x 740 mm


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