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    <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">The finest quality smoothing and polishing material </span></p><p></p> <p><span lang="en-us" style="font-size:11pt;line-height:107%;font-family:Calibri, 'sans-serif';" xml:lang="en-us">Micro-Mesh is excellent for intermediate sanding between coats of paint, retouching and fine finishing work on wood, plastic, plexiglass, and metal surfaces, including polishing. For irregular and curved surfaces also. The abrasive particles are suspended in a silicon matrix strongly bound to a thin, highly flexible textile basis, so that no residual remain on the finished surface. Micro-Mesh can be used dry, with water, or with petroleum, and is very long-lasting under normal wear.</span></p>
    MICRO-MESH - 80 cm x 15,3 cm

    MICRO-MESH - 80 cm x...

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    MICRO-MESH - 50 cm x 15,3 cm

    MICRO-MESH - 50 cm x...

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    <p>Sanding plate for exceptional finishes. It has an adhesive side to glue it on shelves to make custom abrasive. It can be cut to size and shape as desired.</p>
    NT Dresser Abrasive Paper on Stainless Stell - PS-11P Fine - 0.2 mm x 54 mm x 80 mm

    NT Dresser Abrasive...

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    <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">This sanding system consists of plastic handles in many different shapes, that cut with replaceable abrasive metal plates. These sharpening files are extremely comfortable and practical. The sanding surface of the metal plates has a long service life, and cut very well over that life. The Japanese manufacturer rates the grain size at between 280 - 400, medium, under the Japanese standard. This corresponds to about 240 under the European standards.These sanding files are very versatile in application. They are suitable, for example, for smoothing plastics, and are also very good for finishing wood surfaces. The round forms are especially suitable for finishing grooves and contours by in wood and plastic.</span></p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p>
    Japanese Sanding Plate Round Rectangular - 85 mm x 24 mm - Radius 12.5 mm

    Japanese Sanding Plate...


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    Scouring Rush Whole Set of 5 pcs

    Scouring Rush Whole...

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    <p class="MsoNormal"><span>3M 216U Handpads provide maximum flexibility during the sanding process. The sheets are especially good in fine grades where anti loading is significantly noticeable. 3M Soft Hand Abrasive Sheet 216U are designed for hand use on paint, primers and fillers. The soft foam backing allows great conformability, the sheets go well around curves and provide an even cut with manual sanding.</span></p><p></p> <ul style="margin-top:0cm;" type="disc"><li class="MsoNormal"><span lang="it" xml:lang="it">Flexible hand sandpaper</span><p></p></li> <li class="MsoNormal"><span lang="it" xml:lang="it">With aluminum oxide abrasive grain</span></li> <li class="MsoNormal"><span>Ideal for sanding curves and edges</span><p></p></li> <li class="MsoNormal"><span>Sandpaper that adjusts to the surface</span><p></p></li> <li class="MsoNormal"><span lang="it" xml:lang="it">Suitable for dry sanding</span><p></p></li> </ul>
    3M Easy Hand 216U Sheet with Latex Support - 114 mm x 135 mm

    3M Easy Hand 216U...