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    <p>Blade width 32 mm, blade thickness 3.2 mm, overall length 135 mm, weight 425 g, blade angle 12 °.</p> <p>For fine cuts and end grain. Bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.</p> <p>It has handy precision planes with polished cap irons made from bronze. The stainless steel adjuster allows accurate adjustment of the thick blades with minimum backlash.</p> <p></p>
    LIE-NIELSEN Block Plane no. 102 - Cutting Angle 12 °

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    One of the favourite tools for many lutherie works, where a certain precision and speed is needed.

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    <p>blade width 60 mm, blade thickness 3.6 mm, overall length 450 mm, weight 3.3 kg, blade angle 45 °.</p> <p>The all-purpose woodworking plane. With its Bedrock design, this plane allows chatter-free cutting thanks to its fully supported blade and a mouth that can be adjusted without removing cap iron and blade. Additional lateral blade adjustment and the low blade-feed adjuster allow the cutting depth to be changed during planing. Its heavy weight makes irregular grain or difficult woods easier to work. Bronze frog and cap.</p> <p></p>
    LIE-NIELSEN Fore Plane no. 6 - Cutting Angle 45°

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    The plane preferred by luthiers for flattening and joints of violin, viola and cello.

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    <p>Blade width 35 mm, blade thickness 3.2 mm, overall length 135 mm, weight 700 g, plane body: Bronze </p> <p>For working thin or small pieces made of hardwood such as fly rods, violin bows, frames. Hardened blade with 45° bevel to reduce material displacement. Adjustable blade angle (75-100°).</p> <p></p>
    LIE-NIELSEN Scraping Plane no. 212

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    For working difficult elements like flamed maple ribs